Writing retreats

Academic writing retreats provide scholars with dedicated time away from distractions to focus solely on their research and writing projects. The supportive and inspiring environment of a retreat encourages deep concentration and facilitates the exchange of ideas among participants. Additionally, the sense of camaraderie and accountability motivates scholars to set and achieve ambitious writing goals. Ultimately, academic writing retreats serve as invaluable opportunities for scholars to make significant progress on their work, build meaningful connections with peers, and cultivate a culture of academic excellence.

Organizing productive academic writing retreats requires meticulous planning and attention to detail. It involves selecting a venue that promotes creativity, structuring productive schedules, and curating engaging activities that foster scholarly productivity and collaboration. I can offer a tested, productive schedule for a 2-3 day writing retreat, and engaging activities that promote not just writing, but also well-being and a sense of community for your research team, faculty, department or unit. The writing retreat can be organized at inspiring locations close to the sea on the Kimitoön island in the Finnish archipelago, or at the location of your choosing. I can also arrange for transportation to and from the writing retreat anywhere from Finland. Don’t hesitate to contact me so that we can start planning for a writing retreat for your team.

Feedback from earlier writing retreats:

“Overall a great experience!”

“The whole experience was very good, I got to write, but also relax wonderfully.”

“Overall, I think the retreat was an excellent experience!”

“Thank you very much for the retreat! It was very refreshing, and it was nice to get to know my colleagues better.”