Wellbeing from sense of belonging – Measuring and developing societal impact of local sports clubs (2021-2024)

Project funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture (2021-2024).

Research group

Researcher Juha Hedman (team leader)
Senior Research Fellow Kim Holmberg
Postdoctoral Researcher Timo Räikkönen
Senior Researcher Loretta Saikkonen


The aim of the research is to broaden the understanding of the local mechanisms through which the dual goals of sports policy – expanding active participation in sport and improving the quality of elite sports – are realized in club activities and guide the social impact of club activities. The project will thus respond to the growing need for sports clubs to measure and demonstrate their social impact transparently and regularly. Furthermore, the project will complement the information gap on local mechanisms that 1) promote cohesion in sports club activities (grouping, social skills, interactivity, and so-called 21st millennium skills) and 2) further transform cohesiveness into well-being of individuals and communities.